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Updated: Mar 22

So I have completed my Level 3 Award in Education and Training formally known as PTLLS...We had to do a micro-teach originally in class. Obviously because of COVID we had to present online. So here it is slightly altered because we couldn't do in class. So for any of you out there who wishes to complete the course themselves, stretching your abilities and stepping out perhaps your comfort zone, I highly recommend it.

A 12-week course at Bedford college which was on a Tuesday evening 17.45/21.00. Enjoyed every moment of it. I had reservations about it at the beginning, more though whether this was for me as sitting in class was not my favourite place to be in my younger day. But I can 100% that all changed the moment you sat down. Great tutor, all walks of life attending the lesson. From young to a quality aged bottle of wine.

So there you have it. Who would have thought I would have gained an equivalent in A-Level. Need I say more as I strut my stuff!!

Simone xxx

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