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The Story Behind Angelic Touch

First published May 7th 2018

Hello, my lovelies, I thought let's share the story of how Angelic Touch came to be. I created my holistic therapy business in the summer of 2017. So I'm on the home straight of being out there in this beautiful world for almost a year! Walking away from a job that paid bills and kept the wolves away from the door did not allow my heart to sing and though I am grateful for that path it was time to step out of my comfort zone. My little beautiful daisy trademark was created in my garden and has followed throughout this journey. Behind the daisy's vibrant yellow centre represents our solar plexus (3rd chakra) which is the centre of energy. When we activate this powerful energy we muster the courage to fulfil our dreams, to speak up for ourselves and like a ray of sunshine, the solar plexus lights our paths and warms our body's with the glow of self-confidence. Therefore, Angelic Touch is a symbolism of our cheerfulness, purity and innocence.

Taking that jump I realised the support team behind me. Ian my husband, of course, taking the brunt of the financial strain - bless him. However, he encouraged me to continue, even with his then added worries of keeping us floating he still kept me afloat. Our daughters, my very own personal coaches. In the corners with a soggy sponge and bucket of water to wipe the tears of panic, despair and ring out the words 'have I done the right thing!'. The words of encouragement from close friends. With advice second to none that I will always value and treasure. However, I'm not going to sit here and write that all was dandy because my emotions were up and down like a roller coaster. When they were up, I was strong and could take on the world! Although, what goes up must eventually come back down! I had some days that I didn't want to stick my head out from under the duvet. In between Kleenex, sniffles, puffy eyes and asking myself what in heavens name was I thinking! I am very happy to say that today 95% of the time I am ready to conquer and climb to the top. In Mary Ann Radmacher's lovely words "sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again" and that's what I save that last 5% for!

So with Reiki being my starting block 15 years ago, I was given a glimpse of where my path was heading and little did I know I had discovered my life purpose. Although if you had of said any of this back then I may just have looked at you in disbelief. In the beginning, I was not fully aware of the beauty that Reiki held but I have witnessed it develop like the process of a beautiful image from a photo negative. I feel extremely honoured that Reiki is part of my life and that it resides close to my heart.

Each healing modality that I have been honoured to add to my existing well-being toolbox intermingles with ease. It has taken me a little while to come to terms that whilst we or whoever delivers a holistic treatment, be it crystals, Reiki etc that blueprint of knowledge is gained but our guides enable us to deliver it in our way and that no two healers are the same. Think of it like your fingerprint, unique!

Jumping back to that big leap of faith and creating Angelic Touch and the reasons why, which I do believe had already got its script sitting in the aisles, just awaiting its Q. I whole heartily feel it is not just a business but a way of life and its that I wish to share with you. I don't feel I need to juggle for a spot and demand you to come my way for a treatment. Please don't see this as arrogance because I'm a firm believer that if you're meant to come to me for treatment then you will find your way without me shouting from the rooftops! However, that doesn't mean either that I just sit back and expect the world owes me a living. I will do my best to promote like anyone else, but I'm more interested in your well being and guiding you to help yourself.

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