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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

First published April 28th 2018

Hello, lovely readers, this is my first blog and I won't deny it's quite nerve-racking. A completely new world for me, but hey we are not too old to learn are we! So where shall we start? I was born at my grandparent's home on Tuesday 27th July 1971. My Mum said it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and not the perfect conditions to go into labour but I guess I was a late birthday present as mum's birthday is on the 24th of July. I am a fan of birth signs and love the fact that I am Leo! My generation was dubbed as Generation X as we were growing up right at the start of the technological revolution which was all very exciting back then! The beginning of my childhood started in Ruislip Gardens, an area in the London Borough of Hillingdon, and my grandparents lived four doors down with my best friend Janice living next door to them. We were inseparable and Nan would often babysit us both.

The start of secondary school was when everything changed. I got sent to John Penrose in Harefield and Janice went to Queensmead in the south of Ruislip, so it was a devastating and lonely start to secondary school. I wouldn't say that I was an odd child but my Mum often recalls coming to check on me at night but seeing me sat up and crossed legs with my eyes open and not saying a word. Quite funny I think but unfortunately, I cannot remember any of this. So fast forward a few years and my parents decided to move to Cranfield, Bedfordshire!! Being dramatic which fits the description perfectly of a teenager, my brother and me thought this was the end of the world.

So we settled and time passed. It wasn't so bad but at the same time, it wasn't the best years of my life. I struggled with what I thought was an overweight body and I suppose looking back I gave myself a hard time. Battled with Bulimia and with no help as it wasn't talked about, I suffered in silence. This trait followed me really throughout my 20's and kept a grip on me into the late-'30s. However I married young and had three beautiful daughters, and I've never really confessed this to them but it was children that kept me going and strong enough to battle the food war. Although the first marriage didn't work out and it took me 11 years to fathom that my happy ever after was to be in my second marriage with my beautiful husband Ian. Ians given the girls a 2nd Dad and even though he might not be blood-related in our heart he is.

My family are my world, and it's them that defines me like a millionaire and who I am eternally grateful for. Everyone has some tough times, and hopefully, me sharing a bit about mine will help you realise you're never alone! So, I am here to connect to the big world out there and I want to share Angelic Touch's journey.

I will share my knowledge of holistic practices and give you insights. Write about the different healing modalities. Learn from you beautiful people out there!

Simone xxx

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