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Life...there is no opposite

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Sit and contemplate this small four-letter word but instead bask in its magnitude, its eternal energy field it provides.

In this beautiful and ever so fascinating world that we reside upon, all that there is here, around us has an opposite. Light/Dark, Morning/Night, Yin/Yang. I could go on and on and I’m sure you would tire of the read.

So eloquently put by Eckhart Tolle

“When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfered with by man, you will see not only abundant life around you but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn’t to be found anywhere. There is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this?

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal.”

~ Eckhart Tolle from “Stillness Speaks

How delightfully put, on further reflection...

“Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it. By living our lives, we nurture death.”

~ Haruki Murakami

So what is the true meaning of life to you? This one little question can cause a huge reaction amongst us all. A debate that can cause conflict and uproar. We all have an opinion and without opinions what would be the point of existence and learning.

I myself will be bold enough to say that for me it means it is to live, nothing complicated to add to this statement. I don’t think that’s an unusual philosophy of life, yet if that is for some people out there, then you are allowed to think what you like and I’m not going to challenge your beliefs. I have no desire to prove who is right and who is wrong. May your set of beliefs and views gain you the happiness mine do.

I laugh, cry, have good moments and damn when there’s some shit added in, they are shit. If I was to list these that would only be to engage in them and to try to justify why they have these labels and then risk coming across that I have the answers etc. Nope, I don’t for you, this is just my life’s dharma. Unfortunately, you have to go find out yours for yourself. Well, it’s not unfortunate really, it’s Universal Law. It’s what makes the grass grow, the sun shine.

Wonderful podcast by Dr Wayne Dyer gives great insight into recognising your Dharma, worth a listen.


The word Dharma has multiple meanings depending on it’s context that it is used. For me, it settles with the definition of the Sanskrit root dhri, which means “that which upholds” or “that without which nothing can stand” or “that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe.” Dharma encompasses the natural, innate behaviour of things, duty, law, ethics, virtue, etc. Every entity in the cosmos has its particular dharma — from the electron, which has the dharma to move in a certain manner, to the clouds, galaxies, plants, insects, and of course, man.

So what is the nooks and crannies of this, what’s the point of this read?? We have for the first time in a very long time been given a situation that has greatly divided many of us? I don't even think I need to even highlight the word that dominates most conversations. I will highlight though it's caused great upset, families torn apart, friendships ended. Fear escalating to a point giving people platforms to shout their views, shame or point the finger because someone doesn’t fall into the category they so strongly believe is correct. From either side of any of these camps, beliefs that argue they are without a doubt are correct.

I myself, am not choosing an easy life, sitting on the fence. I am however choosing how I wish to go forward. I choose not to shout from the rooftops or debate about it because it’s my beliefs and what suits me, my Dharma. This is personal to me, needs no sharing or shouting from rooftops or anyone asking me. It’s peaceful and doesn’t intrude and nor do I believe it’s correct and others are wrong. If you do happen to meet me I will share with you a smile and the light I carry within. My heart thanks you for giving me the time of day and sharing my experience of life, and so it shall be. May it long continues, be it a rough or smooth ride it is life and that itself speaks volumes.


Walk quietly my love

Let's kiss this earth we walk upon

With our steps

The moon she shines

In the silence of your mind

Close your eyes

YaYa La Luna

YaYa La Luna

What is the sound

Of the song in your heart

Listen close

Dance wildly my love

Let's throw our songs into the wind

And let them echo echo

YaYa La Luna

YaYa La Luna

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