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Kidney Infection?? Mmm Lets Peek From Another Angle

A kidney infection (pyelonephritis) is a painful and unpleasant illness caused by bacteria travelling from your bladder into one or both of your kidneys. Yep, that’s the textbook, google, whatever you choose to look up with answer.

Physically the kidneys are located in the right and left sides of the abdomen and their purpose is to cleanse the body’s waste products and release excess fluid as the blood passes through, and subsequently released to the bladder to be eliminated from the body. The kidneys also balance the blood chemicals, controlling hormones that control blood pressure and maintaining healthy blood cells and bones.

What most people may be unaware of, is how kidney dysfunction can affect the whole physical structure. The main muscles relating to the kidney meridian are the psoas muscles attached to both sides of the lumbar vertebrae with their insertion into the upper thigh bones, connecting the upper and lower structures of the human body.

So you may be then thinking so what she getting at then. What's this bibble babble looking at from another angle. Well, I’m going to lead you down a slightly different path, an energy path. Your body’s inner emotions and the mirror behind the smoke. Bare with the intro, trust me it's not self-pity but an understanding that could well even be an eye-opener for you who's reading this??

A few weeks back I had noticed in myself a little blip as I like to call it. A momentarily feeling of sadness and thought mmm what’s that all about, quite unlike me. Did I take time to acknowledge this, what do you think, absolutely bloody not, I instead danced the tango around it with the excuse I’m too busy for this and cracked on. So I suppose my body thought excuse me, I’m trying to get your attention and you are clearly ignoring me!! How about we ramp it up a notch. She did just that. First with my right knee. A not so wonderful pain surged through presenting itself with discomfort and the inability to do sod all!! Signed, sealed and delivered to bring me to a standstill. You now might be thinking how the hell does this have anything to do with all of that above. Well here's a little fact, the kidney meridian travels up the inside of the right leg, exactly the point where my discomfort was!! Click on the picture below and take the journey of the Kidney Meridian.

Let’s take you down the rabbit hole, my world that I work in and listening energetically to what’s going on. Sitting with this now escalated lowness/sadness and asking questions. How, what, why? Every organ in the human body is responsible for certain feelings, and when we experience those feelings, the organ can suffer. Kidneys respond to fear, anxiety and suppression of feelings in general. Healing the cause of kidney problems begins with understanding where it first originated.

The little video above gives further understanding to the Kidney Meridian and not just what I have highlighted with my own understanding of what relates for me.

So for me, I echo suppressed emotions, a fear of upsetting. Not voicing how I feel. I'm a peacemaker. I have been a peacemaker up until this point and not sure I really know any different. Or actually want to be any different. But at what detriment to my now clearly out of balance kidney energy. Why now? Time to review, listen and compromise. Feel like I’m having an actual two-way conversation as I laugh at myself, is this just because I am turning 50 this month? Or is this metamorphosing into my Crone stage? The Crone Stage of life, more than any other, is a time of giving back to society the cumulative wisdom of the years. Is this perhaps why there is the urge to speak out, take action encouraging you who may be


As you can see, it's not too surprising then that I get a diagnosed mild kidney infection. If we look for the emotional causes of kidney issues, we will find that these problems are an alarm signal for those who avoid expressing their feelings or those who are suppressing them. However, suppressed and hidden, these feelings accumulate and affect the energy of the kidneys, and those in question will, unfortunately, suffer from various conditions of this organ. The overall picture that revolves around kidney problems is a situation where one does not allow the true self to live according to his or her true nature. So the little secret here is to be gentle with oneself. Go easy and absolutely yes, love yourself regardless. I'm hoisting my sail and going for it, it's Crone all the way. I will undertake my intuitive soul, embracing with passion and appreciation what my kidney energy imbalance has brought to light and honour 100% with gratitude!!

Namaste beautiful souls xxx

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