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AUM TO ZEN EVENTS Sue Gwynne“I’m Looking for that Fiver on the Floor” An interview with Sue Gwynn

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

By Cerise Shulver 10/10/2018 for Angelic Touch Holistic Therapies & Training

Before Sue Gwynne's latest Mind, Body, and Spirit (MBS) Event at Cambridgeshire's Corn Exchange in St Ives, we met up with the lovely lady to have a chat about her event company Aum to Zen. Sue has a flair for creating an environment that is warm and welcoming for the traders as well as for the customers but she also has an art for infusing a balanced blend of creativity and practicality into every event. Our conversation that afternoon touched upon various subjects such as event management, trusting our intuitions,

and also exploring questions such as “Is creativity a form of prayer?”. The afternoon was fantastic and gave us a greater insight into Sue and how Aum to Zen came about.

MBS events provide bountiful amounts of positive outcomes for both customers and tradesmen. However, the buzzing energy that hums at an Aum to Zen Event, certainly makes the experience extra special. Angelic Touch, a holistic company that has been a regular trader at Sue’s events, has emphasised that Aum to Zen has given the company the opportunity to grow in confidence and create valuable friendships along the way.

Sue Gwynne

We met Sue at an old pub that oozed a mixture of stale beers from its walls but it possessed a charm about it. You could tell, even at twelve in the afternoon with only two customers present, that this pub was a character. Maybe it was the pub’s choice of medieval decor that did it! It was the first time meeting Sue outside of an Aum to Zen Event but she turned up with a  beaming smile and a wonderfully chilled vibe. So, it wasn’t a surprise that the conversation flowed naturally between all of us.

Cerise: Who has shaped or inspired you on your journey to creating Aum to Zen?

Sue: I think that I shaped my own journey because if I think about doing something then I have already made up my mind to do it. If I seek outside advice it's just to see whether people think that I have it within me to do that thing.

Cerise: How did you know when it was the right time to create Aum to Zen?

Sue: Creating these events, was about following the signs and from that perspective very spiritual and grounded, but I had already started reiki when I got fed up with working for other people. I had been a scene of crime officer with the police for ten years and that was very much being told what to do. I decided I wanted to promote my reiki and thought about doing it at other people’s events, but when I looked for these types of events around Cambridgeshire there was nothing. So, creating these events was my next step. It was purely seeing a window of opportunity and thinking I can do this.

Cerise: Do you believe that your intuition guided you to creating Aum to Zen?

Sue: Yes. When it came to starting Aum to Zen, I could have said this is a crazy idea but instead I sat back and thought should I give this a go, and if my inner feeling isn’t jumping and making me feel like I shouldn’t then I will do it. So, I just go with my instinct which is basically your intuition.

Cerise: What is the best outcome that people get from attending an Aum to Zen Event?

Sue: One, is connecting to like-minded people but the biggest thing people get is coming away feeling good about themselves whether that’s from trying something new or receiving something.

Cerise: Do you think that large-scaled MBS events have the same intentions and positive impacts as smaller MBS events?

Sue: You've got to be careful, but it's about who's booking the event because if your intentions are to just fill up spaces with anyone who is willing to pay the money and making it purely about business then I think it can lose the initial intention, but I think if that's important but you still want a wide variety and you want your customers to go in the feeling they’ve enjoyed themselves as well as the traders, then it can be as big as you like.

Cerise: What do you enjoy the most when planning the events?

Sue: I think it’s the actual getting it together. It’s just the whole thing, a combination of trying to make it varied but I really enjoy a challenge, and if I think it's possible to reach the challenge's end result then I will give it ago.

Cerise: Do you have rituals or look for signs when choosing a venue?

Sue: No, but I will look at a venue practically. It's only when I go into the venue that I feel for anything else because it could tick all the boxes practically but it just doesn't feel right. There isn’t an answer to why I don't like a venue it’s just that I don't like it and I won't use it. On another hand, some venues feel perfect but it doesn't have the practicality. There needs to be an equal balance.

Cerise: What positive outcomes do you think these events have had on you?

Sue: I have met so many lovely people. I’ve learned that my instinct is very good and other people have told me but it nice to know myself. I’ve been told that my events are friendly and easy-going and that's amazing to hear.

Cerise: What tools do you use to stay grounded?

Sue: I think it’s my practical side. Call me spiritual but I’m not out there in fairyland but equally, I will go stand on the earth with my feet bare and things like that if I feel that I that I need grounding. What keeps me grounded on a regular basis is drawing on my practicality side.

Cerise: That is an extremely interesting answer because most of the time you hear people say meditation but it also refreshing to hear someone say that I am not in fairyland, I am just a positive person.

Sue: I have a different way of dealing with things but I still understand that shit is going. However, my practical side will ask can I do anything about it and if I can't then there is no point going on and on about it because you are not helping yourself. That's when you need to shut up and wait for the solution to come to you, by drawing back and listening to your instincts because something might pass you by that could help solve the problem. If your too busy going on and on in your head then you're never going to see the solution.

Cerise: That's a great answer!

Sue: It’s like the saying ‘Oh you're luckier than me’ no but I’m looking for that fiver on the floor because if your not looking for it you are never going to find it - that's my theory. It’s not about having more than someone, it’s about having a positive attitude!

Cerise: Do you have daily affirmations that keep you in that positive mindset?

Sue: My daily thoughts are positive but I don’t have a particular affirmation, however, I do make some up that are suited to the moment. It's a learning process, you can either learn to be positive or you can carry on being negative. Certain people are negative thinking that because I choose to be positive that my life is perfect and that I don’t have problems, therefore, I don't understand them. That’s not the case, I just don’t choose to be drawn into a negative mindset and there is a difference, I can have complete crap going on in my world but I will deal with it in the most positive way. It’s about finding balance.

Cerise: Rainn Wilson an actor who starred in the US Office stated that creativity is a form of prayer, do you agree?

Sue: It definitely is! In the sense that prayer to me is focus and intent, when people go to church they pray with focus and intent. Praying is a way of focusing your heart and mind, it's funny because that (Sue puts her hands together in prayer position) is a sign for prayer here in west and east, its an instinctive thing in my book. Creativity works in the same way because your focusing and your intentions are to create something. Prayer makes you feel better because you're focused in a positive way and creativity is the same and they both let you quieten the mind. Creativity is a form of mediation and you're not thinking of tomorrow's worries.

Cerise: Thank you, Sue. It's been great speaking with you today. Sue: Your welcome! I've really enjoyed it! That afternoon we spent with Sue was extremely enlightening! If you’ve been inspired and wondering, should I attend an Aum to Zen Event, then head over to www.http://www.aum2zen.co.uk/ or follow the page @aum2zeFacebook n because you never know the next event might blow your mind!

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