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A Friendship Reconnected Through The Power Of The Universe

First published July 13th 2018

My parents moved to Bedfordshire in the early eighties and back then I was thirteen years old soon to be fourteen. I remember feeling like an alien because I’d been transported from the outskirts of London to the depths of the countryside. There are little things that stick in my memory such as street lamps turning off at 10 pm and myself wondering where the hell are the buses and trains. I wondered how on earth people were supposed to get anywhere. Though it was certainly trivial, these memories are filled with the feelings of my life being ripped from underneath me like a rug.

Then began starting a new school. A daunting process that was terrifying and engulfed in an aura of loneliness. I was in a school of more than three hundred students but I felt so lonely!! I cannot put into words how isolated and unhappy my little soul felt back then!

However, a friendship blossomed in the doom and gloom with the wonderful Carolyn. Carolyn was the only person to not mock my London accent and she took me under her wing. I treasure that to this day and the friendship grew as we spent most days together and after school.

Carolyn's dream was to live in America. The journey started with an exchange programme which gave her a taste of her dream coming true. Carolyn loved it so much in the USA that she made the brave decision to create a new home there. However, she did come back to be my bridesmaid for my first wedding which I have always held close to my heart! I was ever so proud of her because she showed me our dreams can come true!! Yet, I cannot deny how much I missed her! We wrote back and forth, sent Christmas cards but when moving house I lost her details. I was heartbroken because back then there was no such thing as Facebook!

So for more than twenty-three years, I have been searching for my friend! It seems as though my memories of us our dreams and everything slipped passed so quickly. I searched and searched but kept reaching dead ends! Then on the 2nd July 2018, a miracle happened. After leaving yoga that day and joking about a pose nicknamed Bananarama the memories of the band came flooding back. I got home after that yoga class and on the television, the Bananarama hit song Venus was playing. So I daydreamed back to the good old days with the reoccurring thought of ” Where are you, Carolyn ”.

The next morning on my daily walk with our delightful pooch, I go through my gratifications and I ask the Universe ”please can I find Carolyn ”. I return home and thought “ ok I’m going to put a shout out on Facebook to see if anyone knows her cousins because I have done endless searching and I hadn't found them either!”. Now, this is when the miracle happened. Within under ten minutes, a friend of her cousin contacts me, puts me forward to another cousin and just as magic Carolyn appears. I can't put into words how elated I was! I trolled through Facebook for what felt like years and then the day I ask the universe it rises and makes the miracle happen! I’m ecstatic and cannot wait for us to both reunited!

Simone xxx

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